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Why be vegetarian? One a quarter billion population will have a unique answer based on their know-how.

A vegetarian man is very healthy man; he eats a lot of fruits and nuts. It’s not about being financial just practicing self-awareness no meat, no beef and no pork is a way to go, though occasionally he might fail, but mostly he sticks to his grains. He is happy, kind, open-hearted and most importantly he is really together.

Initially you may find it overwhelming as changing eating habits requires discipline and most importantly a valid reason for you to sustain in the…


In today’s world it all is too easy to go through life without giving any thought to why we are here or how we got here. There are so many material and sensual distractions that our spiritual nature barely gets a look in. We often hear people talking about how important it is to take a break and connect with your inner self.

What exactly is spirituality?

Spirituality is not religion. A person can be spiritual, but not religious. One could be religious and also spiritual at the same time. It’s a pretty broad term. …

Arti Sharma

I'm a freelance content writer and social media manager, helping business owners to increase their sales through well researched content.

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